MIAMI (CBS4) – Did you ever wonder why we’re seeing so many stunts on video?

Well, it’s a combination of capitalism, smartphone video cameras and the internet changing our lives.

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This new video caught my eye today… it claims to be the world’s longest bowling strike… at two hundred sixty feet, it’s pretty impressive… but how many takes did it take before they got it right?

This video of crazy mountain bike stunts has gotten almost three and a half million views.

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At least this biker showed one of his big and painful misses.

How many tries and how long did it take these guys to make their spectacular basketball shots?  I’d never have the patience or persistence.

And viewer beware… this stunt is among the web’s most popular and spectacular… a long slide and a long flight to land in a kiddie pool… unfortunately, it’s a fake.

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And fakers can laugh all the way to the bank because you can make money if your video goes viral.  Ten thousand YouTube views will get you some money, and half a million will get you some real cash.  Not bad for throwing a few… or maybe a lot… of  basketballs.