MIAMI (CBS4) – An audio taped police interview with the 17 year old foster girl at the center of sex scandal involving a fired DCF investigator reveals he offered to pay her $1000 dollars to keep her mouth shut about their affair.

CBS4 News obtained a copy of the tape prosecutors plan to use as evidence in the upcoming trial of Jean LaCroix, 46, fired after his arrest this summer on sexual misconduct charges.

LaCroix was caught trying to leave the country in July for the Caribbean and is currently being held in the Miami-Dade County Jail awaiting trial.

In the taped interview, the 17 year old made it sound like her sexual  relationship with her DCF social worker was her idea.

“I was telling him that I liked him and after the I asked him to have sex with me,” she told police.

Prosecutors say LaCroix pulled her out of The Bridge foster home in Miami and moved her to another group home where he picked her up for sexual liaisons at his home.

“He would come pick me up from school every day,” said the girl.  Police asked her, “and you would have sex with him every day?”

“Yeah,” said the girl, who went on to say he would take her back to school when it was over.

Police say the foster girl was working as a prostitute for a ring they broke up earlier this summer.

That probe led them to uncover the alleged relationship with LaCroix.

Mary Andrews who runs The Bridge foster home where the girl once lived said the system did not fail her, LaCroix did.

“He knew what the consequences were. He know this young lady was vulnerable and he did it anyway,” Andrews said.  “We need to look at putting up better guards to prevent this from happening again.”

The tape of the interview with the 17 year old may be used at LaCroix’s trial which is set to get underway early next year.


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