MIAMI (CBS4) – Superstorm Sandy may not have hit us, but it’s still having significant consequences here.

The closing of New York’s airports triggered a domino effect that messed up air travel for the whole country.  Good luck if you were planning to travel north  or if someone was traveling from there to visit you.

Merchants, including Tory Birch and J Crew are telling customers their orders might be delayed.

No power and flooded servers led to huge internet disruptions.  Popular sites, including Gawker, Gizmodo and the Huffington Post, were knocked offline.  Some are still on limited backup sites.  Anxious future law students had their L-SAT scores delayed.  We at CBS lost all email for three days.

Forget about calling some of the country’s biggest banks, investment banks and law firms in New York.  You’ll probably get a quick busy signal.

Prices of construction materials will likely soar,  our insurance premiums will go up, but gas prices may go down, because of decreased demand where Sandy hit.

None of that, as we South Floridians well know, will even remotely compare to what the millions of people directly impacted by Sandy are suffering through today and for a long time to come.  Our hearts go out to them.