MEDLEY (CBSMiami) – While the weather in Miami-Dade County hasn’t gotten too bad with Hurricane Sandy just off the coast, there are already some problematic areas popping up due to the heavy rain.

There are pockets of flooding throughout the county, including in Medley where some industrial areas have entire streets completely flooded. The area impacted has no homes, but it’s still creating headaches for local businesses.

“We have to drive in towards the middle of the street,” said driver Luis Roca. “We have to stay there because there’s big pot holes in there.”

For your safety, it’s always best to not try to drive through flooded streets as it’s almost impossible to know how deep the water is or how fast it may be moving.

The beaches in Miami-Dade are empty for the most part as there are double red flags posted across the county signifying no swimming.


Still, as the winds pull at the palm trees and whip up the sea, curious tourists came out to explore.

“You know, it’s freezing in Finland, so it is still warm for us, but you know it’s a little bit too windy for us,” said Finnish traveler Annika Mutila.

“This is my first time in Miami,” said Glenn Stonum from Houston, Texas. “I’ve been hearing about South Beach and I just had to come and enjoy.”

There have been no flood advisories issued by the National Weather Service through Thursday morning, but rain, which at times will be heavy, is expected to continue moving across South Florida through the remainder of Thursday and into Thursday night.

The good news for South Florida is that rain chances should start to decrease on Friday as Sandy moves past, according to CBS4 meteorologist Craig Setzer. However, as the rain chances go down, the winds are expected to pick up throughout Thursday and into the day on Friday.