MIAMI (CBS4) – The final presidential debate is behind us and a lot was discussed during the three face-offs between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

However, there are a lot of unanswered questions about some key issues that were never brought up during the four and a half hours the candidates battled over the last three weeks. Major issues, including Cuba, the European Economic Collapse, our ambitions in space and climate change.

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“There were so many issues that weren’t touched on, it really was startling,” said CBS4 Investigative Reporter Jim DeFede.  “Haiti, Cuba, the Mexican drug war… No discussions whatsoever about the collapse of the European Union and the financial crisis going on there and the impact that’s having here in the United States.”

The final debate was supposed to focus on foreign policy, but the economy dominated most of the discussion, leaving many voters scratching their heads.

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Other topics that were missed include crime, prisons, faith and LGBT issues.

The fact that there was no discussion about climate change is absolutely unbelievable to me. We went through three debates, a Vice-Presidential debate and probably one of the greatest threats to the planet was never discussed,” DeFede said.

Still there’s a lot we did learn about President Obama and Mitt Romney, including that they don’t agree on much of anything.

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“We know that these are two men who are on very opposite sides of many, many issues. There’s a pretty clear stark choice in the approach to how they see the world,” DeFede said. “Why there are undecided voters still, I can’t figure out.”