SUNRISE (CBSMiami) – The NHL continues to cut off its nose to spite its face with fans after it announced Friday that all regular season games through November 1 have been cancelled. The cancellations come as a result of the ongoing owner lockout in the league.

There was a brief glimmer of hope earlier in the week after the owners offered a version of a 50/50 hockey-related revenue split. The players responded with an offer of their own with a similar split, but owners turned down three offers within an hour.

The lockout, which started on September 16, has seen the league cancel 135 regular-season games. There is little chance an entire 82-game season could still be salvaged, meaning the league will once again lose part or all of its regular season due to a work stoppage.

Since 1992, the NHL has lost nearly 1,700 games to work stoppages, far and away the most of any professional sports league. The NHL has continued to have labor problems, despite not being considered on the same fan-interest level as the NFL, Major League Baseball, or the NBA.