MIAMI (CBS4) — Picture getting cataract surgery with no cutting of the eye. This is a major leap in the world of correcting diminishing vision.

CBS4’s Cynthia Demos tracked down one of the few South Florida doctors performing laser cataract surgery and some of his patients.

Basil Bain, 59, is a private yacht captain so perfect vision for him is essential.

“Early in the morning I have fog in my right eye,” he explained.

Bonnie Belangia, 66, has been dependant on her glasses for decades.

“I’m over it and I understand this procedure is so precise,” she said.

Both patients said they would never have had this surgery when a knife was involved.

“I don’t like needles and I don’t like razor blades,” said Bain.

With laser, things look a lot better.

Dr. Andrew Shatz said the new procedure is more precise and quicker to heal.

“We have the precision to allow us to tell patients if they can have 20/25 or 20/20 vision,” explained Dr. Shatz. “That’s what’s able to be delivered with this type of technology.”

Dr. Shatz added that eventually everyone eventually gets cataracts.

“The earlier it’s done the quicker you recover the longer you enjoy and the better you end up being.”

The recovery time for Bain and Belangia was about 3 weeks. After the allotted amount of time we checked back in with them. Basil was thrilled with the results.

“When I drive down the road I can see the signs that’s for sure. Everything is crystal clear to me and I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole lifetime.”

Bonnie agreed.

“I cannot tell you how many times that I honestly have said to myself over these years, ‘If only I could see, life would be easier,’ and it has become reality and it’s just a wonderful thing.”

The new procedure is typically partially covered by insurance.

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