By Lisa Petrillo

MIAMI (CBS4) – Daniel Craig is back as James Bond 007 in “Skyfall”.

It’s the third Bond film for the 44 year old actor who wasn’t quite sure he should take on the role when he was offered it back in 2006.

“I think it’s safe to say you made a good decision on taking the role of James Bond?” asked CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo.

I’m enjoying it,” said Daniel Craig. “I think I knew that when I took it. I took a lot of care in making that decision and once I made the decision it was like here we go.”

Skyfall is the perfect combination of breath taking action, strong storyline and it also has the familiar quirky, offbeat fun of classic Bond films.

That’s all combined with a more serious side to the special agent.

“One of my driving intentions with this movie was always to make stories good,” said Craig.”No one told me you can’t have a good story on an action film – it makes for much better and entertaining movie I think.”

What’s also entertaining about a Bond film is his style, and Daniel Craig takes it up to a new level.

“He likes good tailoring, “said Craig. “I think it’s important.  Someone said ‘how many suits to you go through,’ and we go through a lot of them. They’re very good suits and they don’t tear you can actually run on top of a train in them.”

And when it comes to the physicality of the role Daniel Craig is passionate about doing many of his own stunts, at least for now.

“For as long as I can I will. I enjoy it and I get a kick out of it. Bond movies have always tried to do things for real and i just try to get my face in there as much as possible so you believe it’s me,” he joked.

Skyfall opens in  theaters November 9.


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