MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The NFL may be about to get a run for its money in the “No Fun League” department thanks to an NBA rule change announced Wednesday.

The NBA league office said the new rule will give teams just 90 seconds to return to the court after pregame introductions have ended. The 90 second rule will effectively limit the time players can shake hands, toss powder, or other rituals they’ve developed over the years.

Why was this needed? The NBA said the move is to speed up the game, though there have not been any major complaints made in the media about this time period slowing down the game.

For the Miami Heat, it will mean that Dwyane Wade will get 90 seconds to jump up and do a pull up on the rim before the game and if LeBron ever wanted to bring back the powder toss, he’ll have to adapt to a 90 second time limit.