MIAMI (CBS4) – What would happen to you if you spent almost fifty per cent more than you earned?  That’s the quandary the Federal Government is in and today we heard about some of the most egregious reasons why.

Senator Tom Coburn’s “Wastebook 2012” found almost nineteen billion dollars in unnecessary programs and questionable tax breaks.

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Three hundred twenty five thousand dollars to develop a robotic squirrel to analyze how rattlesnakes and squirrels interact?

A million dollars a year to develop food people would eat in Mars even though it will likely take decades before we travel to the red planet?

A half million dollars to develop a video game that simulates what it’s like to go prom?

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Tens of millions in tax breaks for the NFL and other professional sports?

Three hundred and fifty thousand to analyze how golfers might benefit from imagining a golf hole is bigger than it is?

Most Americans like pennies, but I don’t think they’d like them as much if they knew each one costs more than two cents to make.

The list of idiotic pork barrel expenditures goes on and on and both political parties are responsible.

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I couldn’t make this stuff up.