MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Both candidates declared victory Thursday night after the only vice-presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican challenger Paul Ryan. The debate was a contrast in styles and produced exactly what both parties needed.

Vice President Biden was dynamic and displayed the acumen of a former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Congressman Ryan proved himself to be ready to take on Biden and held his own with the vice-president in different portions of the debate.

Much of the talk Friday was about Biden’s energy, which was in stark contrast to the almost lifeless performance his boss, President Barack Obama, displayed in the first presidential debate.

Biden’s goal at the debate was to stem the tide of Republican momentum Mitt Romney built coming out of the first debate, while also energizing the Democratic base. Ryan’s goal was to hold serve against the vice president and prove he was competent to take over for the president if elected.

Meanwhile, Biden and Ryan wasted no time getting back to campaigning:

Both candidates achieved their respective goals, which make the debate a win for both candidates. Biden’s performance was key for the President heading into the second presidential debate next week.

But, the burden is now on President Obama to turn the tide and regain the momentum of the election heading into the final three weeks.

Don’t miss the wacky moments from Thursday night’s debate: