MIAMI (CBS4) – We first met Bella two years ago, playing hopscotch with her younger sister.  Something doctors never thought she would do.

Bella was four-years old when she was diagnosed with stage four cancer.  She became paralyzed.  Her desperate parents, Shannah and Raymond Rodriguez-Torres, sent out a plea to pray for Bella.

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Soon after, they say, miracles happened.  Bella took steps on her own two feet.  And incredibly, scans showed the tumors were gone.

But since our first meeting, the tumors have returned.  Bella is fighting cancer for a fifth time.  The now 9-year old is once again in chemotherapy.

Her one request? Instead of the boring band-aid, she wanted one with the popular cartoon character “Angry Birds”.

“For a child, something so simple as a child’s Band-Aid, can brighten their day,” said Raymond Rodriguez-Torres.  “In the midst of something so challenging, something so simple.”

So Bella’s mom put out the call for fun Band-Aids, for all kids, on the “Pray For Bella” Facebook page.

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“I’m not kidding, within two weeks from all over the country boxes and boxes shipped in,” Shannah said.

Bella needed a lot of help to bring in all the boxes of Band-Aids, about 2500 boxes, into Miami Children’s Hospital.  They were sent in from all over the country and the world featuring children’s characters like Barbie and Dora the Explorer.

Now these Band-Aids are being given to other kids, like Ava, who’s also fighting cancer.

“Every time after she has her blood taken from her thumb she wants a Band Aid.  Wants Spongebob,” said Ava’s mom Nickelle Crowley.

A simple Band-Aid.  Helping ease the pain that can’t be seen.

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“The greatest gift is to be able to give.  The greatest joy comes from helping others even in the darkest storm,” Raymond said.