MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami-Dade Police have released the 911 call for help from an officer who was shot at his parents Liberty City church.

Officer Herman Joseph was off-duty doing volunteer work on Saturday, Sept. 22nd. While in the parking lot, three men walked up to him, demanded jewelry and shot him.

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Joseph managed to call for help despite the fact that he was shot in the chest.

Dispatcher:  Miami-Dade Police and Fire. What’s the emergency?”

Officer: Ok, uh. Stop me at 3-15 at 6701 NW 7th Avenue. Off-duty officer shot.

Dispatcher: With what agency sir?

Officer: I’m sorry?

Dispatcher: Which Police Department?

Officer: Um, Miami-Dade Police

Dispatcher: Ok, this is 6701 NW 7th Avenue?

Officer: That’s correct. It’s a 315. I’ve been shot.

Dispatcher: Ok, hon, stay with me on the line. Where’s the person that shot you?

Officer: That is me, uh, they fled.

Dispatcher: He fled?

Officer: Yes.

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Dispatcher: What is your name?

Officer: I’m Joseph. Joseph is my last name.

The reference to a 3-15 is police code for an emergency, need assistance immediately.

Click here to listen to the entire 911 call made by  Ofc. Joseph

Officer Joseph also described his attackers who are now charged with robbery and attempted murder. They are Dedrick Brown and Willie Brown, both 20, and Traveres Santiago, 19.

Dispatcher: You’re in front of this address?

Officer: Yes, I’m in back of the church.

Dispatcher: Do you remember if they fled on foot or in a car?

Officer: They fled on foot. Three black males about 5 foot 7 or five foot 8, light complexion.

Dispatcher: Do you remember what color clothing they were wearing?

Officer: About black already.

Earlier in the week, Officer Joseph’s parents told CBS4 News they prayed a lot for their son.

“Yeah, I pray. I pray. I pray he is good,” said Violas Joseph. “Because God is good and Jesus loves everyone.”

Her husband agreed.

“Sometimes when you believe in God, whatever the situation, he’s here with you,” said Andrew Joseph.

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Officer Joseph’s parents said their only son has been in law enforcement for ten years, six of them with the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Peter D'Oench