MIAMI (CBS4) – Manny Nordelo is doing what he loves with every double leg, ankle pick and single leg sweep this South Miami High School freshmen hopes his wrestling moves will help him achieve his goals.

“I really want to win a gold medal in the Olympics, wrestle in Michigan and get a good scholarship and be a sports medic,” said 14 year old Manny Nordelo to CBS4’s Marybel Rodriguez.

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This all -star student athlete is already ahead of the game with a leg up on the competition he takes honors classes and has a 3.4 GPA.

“I like a good challenge,” said Nordelo as he practiced in the South Miami High School gym.

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But for this honor student being the best sometimes isn’t good enough, he says he needs funds to give him that extra push.

“In this economy it’s hard to get money to go to tournaments and I get invited all the time but can’t go because it’s me and my mom and she doesn’t work much,” said Nordelo.

Manny was recently invited to compete in the COPA Sparta Tournament in Puerto Rico where high school wrestles from around the world will be competing and dozens of coaches and scouts will be present.  It’s a huge honor just to be invited, but one this wrestler will have a hard time attending.  He is short close to $200 and that does not include expenses it may not seem a lot for some but for Manny it’s a different story.

“Two hundred dollars is a lot my mom has a lot of expenses and does not have money left over,” said Nordelo.

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Attending this tournament will take Manny to another level, he is asking the community to help him achieve his dreams.  If you would like to help the tournament is October 4th and there still is time you can contact Neighbors 4 Neighbors at (305)597-4404.

Marybel Rodriguez