MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A 58-year-old man was arrested Wednesday, accused of masturbating while staring into bedroom windows and leaving used condoms in front of those windows.

Jorge Godoy is charged with voyeurism, stalking, burglary and exposure of sexual organs.

According to the arrest affidavit, on August 29, a woman changing clothes when she noticed a man exposing his penis at the SW 101st Avenue home she shares with her mother.

“She saw him looking in my window and he was masturbating and she went inside the house and said ‘mom, there is a man by your window’,” the victim told CBS 4 News.

She said her daughter is now staying with her grandmother because she was scared to stay at the home.

When shown a picture of Godoy, the victim recognized him right away.

In a separate instance, a female was exiting the shower in her bedroom when she noticed the blinds were partially open. As she approached the window, she met eye-to-eye with a man, who was standing outside the window.

That night, the female at the home on SW 101st Avenue said she watched as the man looked into her daughter’s bedroom window.

Two days later, on September 1, a witness driving near that girl’s home watched as a man peered into her window again.

According to the affidavit, the victim said that the man left a used condom outside her bedroom window on September 6 and her daughter’s window on September 8.

“He’s been in our neighborhood, looking through windows,” said neighbor Jocy Nerey. “Usually it’s teenagers and college girls is what he’s looking at.”

The Nereys closed their shutters to protect their young daughter. They’re glad an arrest has been made.

“It’s a relief,” Nerey said. “We’re like ok she can go out to the backyard and play.”

Godoy denied all allegations.

He is a registered sex offender stemming from an arrest in 1999.

Godoy’s long-time girlfriend, Griselda Gonzalez, said she doesn’t believe the accusations.

Gonzalez said the charges are very strange. She told CBS 4 News Friday afternoon she was getting together the money to bond Godoy out of jail.


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