MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s infamous pollster who said the campaign wouldn’t let fact checkers dictate their campaign issued a memo Monday asking Romney supporters to not “get too worked up about the latest polling.”

Newhouse said that while Obama is getting a bounce from the Democratic National Convention, it’s a “sugar-high” and the “basic structure of the race has not change significantly.”

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The memo comes a day after Romney took multiple positions on the same issue in less than 24 hours. Romney started the day on NBC’s Meet The Press saying that he supported some part of the Affordable Care Act, like requiring insurers to cover preexisting conditions and would support something similar.

However, the ACA is anathema to any conservative so within a few hours, the Romney campaign tried to clarify its position saying that he didn’t support a federal ban against denial of coverage for preexisting conditions.

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Finally, by Sunday night, Romney’s camp said it supported coverage for preexisting conditions for people who had had continuous insurance coverage, but not for anyone else.

For Romney, supporting any part of the Affordable Care Act is a risky proposition to his conservative base, who universally loathe health care reform. Romney’s problem though was his original comments were heard on national television, while his revisions were simply made in statements.

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The Newhouse memo from the Romney campaign again tried to spin the election as a repeat of the Jimmy Carter vs. Ronald Reagan race of 1980. But, as Newhouse points out, Romney only leads Obama on the question of the economy by a 51-45 percent margin. That’s not enough to overcome other polling deficiencies for Romney.