CORAL SPRINGS (CBS4) – Police in Coral Springs believe an organized crime ring has been targeting ATMs outside of Publix supermarket stores. In the last week they’ve recovered skimming devices from two such ATMs.

Surveillance cameras outside the store captured a woman checking the skimming device at 5950 Coral Ridge Drive in Coral Springs. That’s where Craig London used the ATM on Thursday. By Saturday morning he said he noticed $600 dollars missing from his bank account.

“I’m annoyed, I feel violated,” said London.

Coral Springs Police said thieves also hit the Publix ATM at 8160 Wilkes Road in Coral Springs. Surveillance video shows one man acting as the lookout while another man installs the device. The whole process only took about a minute.

“Extremely bold they’re very brazen,” said Lt. Joe McHugh of Coral Springs Police.

McHugh said the thieves install a skimmer over the card reader on the ATM and then install a tiny pinhole camera on the top of the ATM.

“What they do with the camera is obviously they get your pin number and they have your card information so they duplicate a card and they can go to any ATM at that point put that card in with all your information on it and now they have your pin number,” explained McHugh.

Investigators believe this is the same organized crime ring that has been targeting Publix ATMs across South Florida. If you have used any of those machines, police want you to check your bank account for any problems. If you notice anything call police. They also said it’s a good idea to cover your hand with the other hand while putting your pin number into an ATM.


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