MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Surf’s up dude! Totally!!

“It’s the Super Bowl of surfing!!” said surfer Ron Kiendl.

Yes, one day after Issac—while many are cleaning up—surfers were waxing up.

From South Pointe to Haulover Beach, those who ride the waves were ready for a banner day.

Ron Kiendl is a former lifeguard and lifetime surfer who puts on another hat when storms roll in.

“We play meteorologists during storms. We watch the weather and we try to predict the winds and when and where the waves will be breaking. This storm was tricky and it turned out to be a perfect surf day for us,” said Keindl.

Safety is an issue both for those whose job is to watch the water and for those who are in  it.

However, it’s not so much the height of the surf that’s the concern. The real danger is the number of people surfing at the same time.

“You have tons of people surfing in this small corner. It’s like I-95 on a Friday in complete rush-hour traffic,” said Island Watersports Surfshop owner Scott Payne.

“See this?” said Keindl, showing off the end of his board. “This is a blade. This can cut you. People get too close to each other…especially those that don’t know what they are dong. This is not a day to be a beginner,” said Keindl.

Getting too close to the waves while walking can be dangerous as well.

On Monday morning, on the south side of Haulover, two tourists from Columbia got a little too close to the end of the jetty where the waves were pounding.

“Wow!” said CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo. “Weren’t you afraid those waves would pull you in?”

“Yes, over there the wind was really strong. You can go over there and get pulled into the waves,” said Diego, a visitor from Columbia.

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