MIAMI (CBS4) — Most kids know using a mobile phone while driving is a bad idea, but nearly 60-percent of high school seniors admitted in a recent CDC study that they text while driving. Now a new free app called DriveScribe is a game-changer. It takes the mobile phone and turns it from detractor into driving coach and rewards teens for safe driving.

Sixteen year old Bianca Lopez is new to the rules of the road. Her parents just bought her a brand new car. She’s a careful commuter now but once she gets comfortable behind the wheel, that may change.

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“You start off doing everything by the book and after a while you start going over speed limit,” Bianca said.

So Bianca has been using the new app called DriveScribe recently to monitor how she drives.

“I have no violations yet which my parents will be happy to hear.”

But most teens aren’t good drivers like Bianca which is precisely the reason Will England created DriveScribe.

“It’s really aimed at helping novice drivers become more familiar with the rules of the road and establish smart habits right from the get go,” England said.

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Car accidents are the leading cause of death amongst teenagers.

With more than 60-percent of teens reporting they use their cell phones while driving, the likelihood that they will crash increases by 23 times.

“Just sending a text message while driving down a highway is the equivalent of driving blind down the length of a football field, it’s like driving drunk,” England said.

DriveScribe blocks all emails, texts, and phone calls while you drive so there are no distractions.

While Mom and Dad let their kids drive off on their own, at least they have a watchful eye to help steer their children.

“You’re used to having a parent in the car telling you slow down a little bit or turn here, don’t break so hard, you’re used to a parent doing that, but now you have an app to help you out,” Bianca said.

To learn how you or your teen can download DriveScribe, go to

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