MIAMI (CBS4) — Out of the crisis of Hurricane Andrew aftermath an organization committed to restoring the community was born. Those affected by the storm needed help and those spared wanted to help, so this TV station, then WCIX, took action.

“We opened up the phone lines, it was a great, great way of getting the community to just feel a part of the solution,” explained Nelly Rubio, CBS4 Community Relations Director and Neighbors 4 Neighbors founder.

The response was overwhelming, the phone lines quickly became a life line for those in need.

Months later, Neighbors 4 Neighbors became an official non-profit and in the past two decades, they’ve helped 5.5 million people.

Today, Neighbors 4 Neighbors remains a part of our station’s commitment South Florida.

“The combination is so powerful that we as a news organization are out in the community and on the front lines of seeing people in need and just having a non-profit right there with us just to be able to react to some of those needs so quickly is a powerful combination, said CBS4 General Manager, Adam Levy.

For more information on how you can get involved with Neighbors 4 Neighbors, visit or call 305-597-4404.


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