MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A bulldog that was puppy-napped four years ago from in front of a Miami home more than four years ago has turned up in Milwaukee.

Luna, a five-year old English Bulldog, was found wandering a stray. She was picked up by animal control which learned a lot about her thanks to an embedded microchip.

“It’s baffling how she ended up in Wisconsin from Florida,” said Crystal Reese who is taking care of Luna until she can be returned to Miami.

Luna’s owner, Isa Mendoza, said she remembers the last time she saw Luna. It was New Year’s Day in 2008. Mendoza said she left Luna for a minute in her front yard and she was gone.

“It was a horrible scene to have to know that your baby was taken away from you just like that,” said Mendoza.

Arrangements are now being made to send Luna back to Mendoza.

“To know she’s alive and is on her way over to me is just heartwarming. I’m overjoyed,” said Mendoza.

Reese said she’s going to miss her new-found friend.

“She’s a great dog, full of life and energy, just great spirit all around,” said Reese.

Mendoza may never find out what happened to Luna over the lost years, but one thing is clear – she had puppies. Reese said Luna has a caesarean scar.

Mendoza said she purchase Luna from a pet store for $850 so whoever took her may have tried to make some money off her.

“Unfortunately, she probably was bred at one point or another and she was stolen, it probably wasn’t for good purposes obviously,” said Jessica Huber with animal control in Milwaukee.

Reese said while Luna may have been abused, bred and then abandoned, it’s what’s happening now that matters.

“That’s what so great about dogs. They don’t live in the past. They don’t worry about the past. They live in the now and just seeing how happy she is and joyful,” said Reese.

Mendoza is planning a welcome home part for Luna next Wednesday at a dog park in Miami.

Huber said a lesson many pet owners can take away from this story with a happy ending is to have their furry friend implanted with a microchip in case they get lost or run away.

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