MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The kids are back in school and that means homework and big projects but how much work should you do to help your kids do well in class?

According to the experts, it’s important for you not to do your kids big projects.

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“The problem is we are not letting our kids be independent and also the teachers end up not being able to tell what we did versus what our kids did,” explained Stacy DeBroff, CEO of

DeBroff said this dilemma is a hot top on her website because many parents say they don’t want to see their kids stressing out and overwhelmed.

“Often times the teachers say I want to see the struggle, I want to see the mistakes, otherwise I don’t know how to dive into the classroom and work on grammar or spelling or helping with a book report or poster.”

DeBroff said for parents, it’s all in the pre-planning when it comes to projects.

First step, create a timeline that eliminates leaving everything until the last minute.

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“The things that create so much anxiety are when we don’t know what our kid’s timeline is, so create one. This is an example where we are helping them, so we are saying okay what do you need; you need a box of balls? Some string? So that we don’t have the scramble the night before,” explained DeBroff.

The next step is to have a box filled with supplies ahead of time.

“This is an example of having cool crafts out like duct tape or magic markers or highlighters so that kids can feel even if they are not artsy, there’s a way to make those projects look terrific and it’s not a lot of work and you can help them set up for that.”

Next, keep a basket handy that the kids put their nightly homework in. You’ll know what’s due but you won’t be doing the work.

“What you realize is that kids need to stand on their own and even though it’s so tempting for us to help them, really they learn to do their best when we’re cheering them on answering questions and brainstorming next steps but not being the doers.” Stressed DeBroff.

You can get more back to school tips from DeBroff’s book called “The Mom Book Goes To School” or visit her website.

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