MIAMI (CBS4) – A South Florida boxer is a free man after spending roughly two years in jail.

“I’m just ready to get back to my career and my life and my family,” Yathomas Riley said Friday. “Justice has been served.”

Riley walked out of the Miami-Dade County Jail Friday to cheers and hugs from friends and family.

He was arrested two years ago and charged with attempted first degree murder in the shooting of his ex-girlfriend Koketia King.

After more than a year of delays, and testimony from witnesses and experts, prosecutors decided there wasn’t enough evidence to take the case to trial.

“It’s been like two years we haven’t seen my brother,” Willie Riley said. “And to finally see him, justice. I’m very happy today.”

Riley’s arrest stems from a June 2010 shooting.

His ex-girlfriend, Koketia King, told police Riley shot her.

But Riley had a different story. He said his ex-girlfriend tried to kill herself after he claims he caught King, a former state correction’s officer, in a lie.

“Miss Koketia King is faced with facts that include having a relationship with an inmate currently serving life in prison, engaging in tax fraud from the inside of the jail,” defense attorney Kionne McGhee said.

King has not been charged and maintains she did nothing wrong, but McGhee said an investigation is ongoing.

McGhee said King’s account of what happened didn’t add up.

“She gave five different stories under oath in depositions and sworn statements,” McGhee said.

For now, McGhee said his focus is on his client.

It’s been a trying two years for the undefeated boxer, but Riley says he had faith in the system and in himself.

“What I’m looking forward to the most really is just being a champion,” Riley said. “I’m a fighter. I think that’s going to be, besides this, that’s going to be one of my toughest obstacles.”

Riley says he’s been training and is ready to get back in to the ring.

He plans to pursue his boxing career in New York where his fiancée is waiting for him.

McGhee said they may consider legal action to make up for the time Riley spent in jail.


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