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MIAMI (CNET) — After finally letting users onto the site without an invite, Pinterest is now getting serious about mobile.

An article from CBS-owned CNET reports that, at an event in its new San Francisco headquarters on Tuesday, the social network-meets-virtual pinboard debuted two new Pinterest apps — one for Android and one for iPad, according to AllThingsD.

“Our goal has never been to get you in front of the computer transfixed for hours and hours on end,” Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann said at the event, according to AllThingsD, “it’s to get you offline.”

Taking the site mobile seems like it would get users away from the desk and encourage them to interact more with the world, especially since one of the new app features is the ability to pin with the device’s camera.

The Android app was reportedly built specifically for Android, rather than following an iPhone template. On Google Play, Pinterest says that the app lets users pin from the Web, discover content by browsing interest categories, explore pins and boards, and repin, like, and comment other people’s pins.

The iPad app was also designed specifically for the device, according to AllThingsD. It includes a Pinterest-specific browser, which features a pop-up display of what people from around the Web are pinning.

Also, Pinterest is not leaving the iPhone behind, the company has revamped that app too (which originally debuted last year).

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