MIAMI (CBS4) – “To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Star Trek’s introduction is perfect for a Dutch company’s plan to colonize Mars, a plan that also involves reality TV.

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The company, called Mars One, intends to put settlers on the red planet by 2023 and create what it calls a global media spectacle to finance it.

The big catch?  The settlers would be taking a one-way rocket ride to Mars, where they’d be stuck forever.

Robots would establish a habitable settlement before the first four settlers arrive, then new astronauts would be sent every two years.

NASA’s Mars Rover landed on the red planet last week and the space agency is reportedly looking into colonizing Mars as well.

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NASA’s plan would also involve one-way tickets, with resupply missions until the settlers could be self-sufficient.

That could take a long, long time because of the dangers: extreme cold, limited oxygen, difficulty obtaining water, and high radiation levels.

Mars One believes millions of people will sign up to be settlers.

I won’t be one of them.

I’m all for space exploration and great leaps for mankind, but I hate to spend a couple of hours in a car, so I’ll pass on six-to-nine months in a rocket just to get to Mars.

And then to never be able to come home?

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Still, I can’t wait to see this reality TV show.