MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami-Dade county jury has sent a Miami DJ to prison for life, with no chance of parole, for killing his girlfriend and then driving around for a day with her body in the front seat of his car.

33-year old Juan Carlos Portieles was found guilty of First Degree Murder in the death of 18-year old Jaclyn Torrealba, who he was charged with killing in October 2009.

“He will pay for what he’s done,” said Vilma Castro-Torrealba, the victim’s mother, as she left the courtroom following the verdict.

Portieles, also known as DJ Seasunz, is believed to have had a ‘heated altercation’ on October 9th in southwest Miami-Dade. The pair had reportedly going out for two years. Portieles beat, bit and finally choked Torrealba until she stopped moving, according to prosecutors.

He then reportedly placed Torrealba’s body into the front passenger seat of his Toyota and drove to several friends homes to tell them what he had done.

His final stop of the day was the Doral headquarters of the Miami-Dade Police Department he turned himself in. He then led officers out to the parking lot where they found Torrealba’s body in his car.

The trial started Thursday, and the jury returned the verdict late Tuesday afternoon. The verdict means that, absent a successful appeal, Portieles will die in prison.

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