MIAMI (CBS4) – It’s the summer of 3-D movies but, some people can’t see 3-D at all. And if you have a severe headache after watching a 3-D movie it’s a sign of a bigger problem.

The souped-up 3-D technology is a hit at the movies this summer but a super hero couldn’t even help some folks see the images properly.

Ten percent of the population can’t see at all in 3-D and 30% say it’s actually too painful to watch.

“It’s such a nuisance to my eyes,” 14-year-old Siara Biederman told CBS4’s Cynthia Demos. “I try to watch the movie but every couple of minutes it goes blurry so it’s kind of hard to watch.”

Instead of the film looking three dimensional Siara said things look double. Her optometrist Dr. Barry Kay from Hollywood Eyes in Hollywood, explained that it is simply her vision that is off.

“3-D vision requires two eyes that see equally well and they have to be aligned and pointed in the right spot. Siara does not have good visual function.”

Kay said these movies can act as a real vision test if the 3D is blurry or makes you see double or gives you a headache, it’s a sign you need to get your vision checked.

According to Kay, the ultimate time to catch the problem is before your child turns seven. After that it just gets worse.

As for Siara, a quick fix is to wear the 3-D glasses over her real glasses or get contacts.

Now for those with only vision in one eye or a lazy eye the problem will likely never be able to be fixed.

“It’s pretty common, more than people realize,” said Kay.

A tangled web that can be helped if you are willing to take a leap into addressing the problem.

Dr. Kay said if you catch the problem in time you can treat it with a patch, eye exercises, or possibly by having surgery.


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