MIAMI (CBS4) – After years of resistance, I joined the cult of Apple a few years ago and become a huge fan of everything the company makes: iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Mac computers.

But now, Apple is taking its fans for granted.

The iPhone 5, expected later this year, will reportedly have a smaller connector than what iPhones, iPads and iPods have ever had.

That means all those chargers, cables, docks and other accessories you’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on over the years will be obsolete, absolutely worthless for Apple products in the future.

As you know, the cables break easily and run you twenty bucks each at the Apple Store, thirty bucks if they include wall adapters.

If Apple needs to make a change, why not go to a micro USB connector so Apple products can be compatible with other brands and allow us to use far cheaper USB cables?

I hope Apple will think about what Steve Jobs would do and at least have the decency to provide complimentary adapters that can save our past investment in its products.

If not, we’ll probably still use and love Apple’s stuff, but our relationship with the company might never be the same.

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