WESTCHESTER (CBS4) – One person is dead after a police involved shooting  in a Westchester neighborhood.

MDPD Detective Roy Rutland told CBS4′s Maggie Newland that officers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on a man at the home on the 7800 block of SW 34th Terrace for aggravated stalking.

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Police cars swarmed the streets surrounding the home at 7860 southwest 34th terrace about 8:30 p.m. Monday after they say a confrontation ended in gunfire.  Police say they went to the home with probable cause to arrest a man for aggravated stalking.

Police say they have been at the house before and neighbors say they’ve seen police at the house multiple times.

Daniel Fernandez lives down the street and said,  “I know cops were here before at that property to make an arrest and this didn’t happen, but this time it got more serious.”

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Some neighbors said police were looking for the man, whom police are not identifying, in the neighborhood. “My family did tell me they did knock on my door and they did walk into my property searching for him,” said Fernandez.

Roxana Rivera said she was alarmed to hear gunfire in the normally peaceful neighborhood.

“We heard four shots and we heard the helicopter and we thought something’s going on this is not usual,” she said.

Police still investigating whether there was a gun involved in the initial confrontation which police say happened right near the front door.  Police say there was someone else inside the home and they are talking to that person.

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