LOS ANGELES (CBSMiami) – Finding Nemo is coming back to the big screen with a sequel but you’ll have to wait awhile before the loveable little clown fish makes another splash in theaters.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, director Andrew Stanton will return to direct the sequel, which is expected in theaters in 2016.

He directed the original Finding Nemo in 2003.

Stanton is no stranger to Pixar, having contributed to the original Toy Story film and winning Academy Awards for both Wall-E and Finding Nemo.

Only a few years ago, most in the industry would have scoffed at the idea of Pixar rolling out sequel after sequel, since there was allegedly a stance at the studio that sequels were not a priority due to a desire to tell original stories. However, the studio has since released two sequels to Toy Story, one sequel to Cars and is in production on a prequel to Monsters Inc. However, Finding Nemo is the perfect film for another chapter. Not only does it rank second on Pixar’s box office tally (after Toy Story 3) with a global gross of $867 million, there are Nemo-related attractions at three of the six U.S. Disney theme parks.

The underwater adventure was also listed in the American Film Institute’s top 10 animated films of all time.