MIAMI (CBS4) – Who’s Smarter, Men or Women?

I’m writing about this topic for the 6 o’clock under a bit of duress.

My producer, Bonnie Laden, is a woman, and she just couldn’t be happier about this story.

For the first time in history, IQ tests seem to show that women are now smarter than men.

It’s a dramatic twist in the battle of the sexes, where in a century of IQ testing women have lagged behind men by as much as five points.

Women have long out-numbered men on college campuses and they get more advanced degrees, but only now have they gained the advantage in IQ scores.

Researchers say they need more data to explain the trend.

IQs are going up for both men and women, but women’s are rising faster.

One theory is that the complexity of the modern world is pushing all IQs up, especially for many women who now juggle careers and family life and because they were more disadvantaged in the past.

The smarter we all get the better off we will all be.  Still, I’m glad my wife is out of town and won’t see this segment or I’ll never hear the end of it at home.
I’ll already never hear the end of it at work.