MIAMI (CBSMiami) – One moment they were pumping gas, the next they were victims of a fast smash and grab robbery.

Around 9 a.m., Veronica Beckford and Maryann Rodriguez were at a Mobil gas station on 7th Avenue at 94th Street when their vehicles were broken into.

Rodriguez was pumping the gas when someone came around on the other side, smashed a window, then reached inside and grabbed her purse which was laying on the seat.

“I heard a sound, they got in the car and they took off,” said Rodriguez.

Beckford was inside the store when the thief targeted her car.

“I never heard it, I just came out and saw the glass on the ground,” said Beckford.

Witnesses said the ‘smash and grab’ guys were driving what looked like a Nissan Maxima.

Police have not released a description of the suspects or their vehicle.