MIAMI (CBS4) – The Cold War ended more than twenty years ago, so it’s easy forget the extreme paranoia of regimes behind the Iron Curtain and how those regimes closed themselves off from Western influence.

North Korea is one of the rare places where the Cold War still lives and that kind of repression survives.

But that may be changing under the country’s young new leader, Kim Jong-un.

Yes, those are Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie, performing along with other Disney characters, while Disney movies played on a huge backdrop.

The previously unheard-of performance was even broadcast on state TV (none of this, by the way, was authorized by Disney).

Also shocking were female musicians in mini-skirts and singers in fashionable low-cut dresses.  Both used to be unacceptable.

The concert comes on the heels of an announcement last week that women can now wear pants, platform shoes and earrings.

The Communist government will also allow people to eat burgers, fries and pizza which were formerly banned as decadently Western.

It’s incredible that in 20-12 we’re still talking about a country that didn’t allow its people to eat pizza.

But North Korea has nuclear weapons so any openness to the world is welcome news for the North Korean people and for us.