MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – It’s a sight to see outside the Art Center South Florida on Lincoln Road. An artist, sitting in a window, creating freestyle prose about love, lust and relationships. But he’s not using pen and paper. He’s using wire.

For 41 straight days, artist David Zalben is bending wire in a flowing and changing poetic installation he calls “A Love You Can’t Live Without”.

“It’s all about women,” he said. “The women who have inspired me in my life, and so I started writing about that. It includes love, loss, pain, growth and humor.”

For 7 years Zalben has used wire as his medium to creature whimsical and fun sculpture, verse, or anything that motivates him.

“My work is constantly evolving and changing and growing” he said. “So that what you see before you is poetry, is figurative work. Everything represents many levels of my personality.”

Zalben is a romantic at heart as everything in the window is all about the fairer sex.

It’s why he titled the project “A Love you Can’t Live Without.”

“That’s in reference to the women that have inspired me over the years that I can’t live without. That’s why we get together to begin with “ Zalben said.

Every night as crowds gather David listens to Bob Dylan and gives people a window to his soul.

“ I feel quite humbled truthfully and I think personally, the key to longevity to an artist is being humble. It fuels me” he said.

David will be creating “A Love You Can’t Live Without” every night at 8 p.m. at the Art Center on Lincoln Road through July 16th. The project will be for sale after that date.

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