MIAMI(CBSMiami) – Friday, July 6 would have been celebrated by the Camacho family as their daughter, Kaely, turned 14. Instead, the family  gathered at Kaely’s  gravesite inKendallto release  14 balloons in memory of the teen allegedly killed by a drunk driver.

“I would always wake up on her birthday and go and wake her up and give her a big kiss and you know tell her happy birthday and I don’t get to do that anymore,” said Angela Camacho, Kaely’s mom.

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It was in the early morning hours of April 13th that Kirk Camacho was driving his minivan with his daughters Kaely and Bree Ann in the vehicle. As Camacho was crossing a busway on U.S. 1, the van was slammed into by an SUV driven by Sandor Guillen.

Police said Guillen was illegally driving on the busway, driving roughly 100 miles per hour, and driving with a blood alcohol level approximately three times the legal limit when the crash occurred. Guillen is currently awaiting trial for DUI homicide, which he pleaded not guilty to the charge.

While the Camacho family spent morning at Kaely’s gravesite. They continued her special day by going to the Lou’s Tattoos inKendall. Eight of them got tattoos in memory of Kaely.

“A little nervous,” said Angela Camacho.. “Never had one (tattoo). It’s special. It’s going to really mean something to me; something I can look down on and see it every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to bed.”

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Most of the tattoos had Kaeley’s name along with a butterfly etched in blue. Kaely loved blue and butterflies.

“I have my moments where I’ll get very emotional,” said Bree Ann Camacho. “But as for right now, I’m more happy because I have an understanding that she is in heaven. I know. I’m more happy and celebrating her life.”

The Camacho family will hold a family celebration later Friday to honor Kaely.


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