MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A pile of money falls into the hands of a single mom down on her romantic and financial luck in the new drama-comedy “People Like Us”.

The film stars Elizabeth Banks (“The Hunger Games”, 30 Rock), Chris Pine (“Star Trek”, “Unstoppable”) and Michelle Pfeiffer (“Dark Shadows”, “New Year’s Eve”).

Pine plays Sam, a fast-talk salesman who learns his father has suddenly died. In the course of fulfilling his father’s last wishes, Sam learns he has a half-sister named Frankie, who is played by Banks. Sam also learns that $150,000 was left for her. Frankie is a single parent struggling to pay the bills.

“One of the themes I love about this movie is we don’t get to choose our family but we do get to chose if we like them. We are both presenting evidence over the course of this movie about why we should be in others’ lives,” Banks said.

Michelle Pfeiffer plays Sam’s mom. For Banks, the film was a chance to work with an actress she’s long admired.

“She never ages, does she?” asked CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo.

“She’s wearing it beautifully. I appreciate someone who has aged and is still gorgeous,” said Elizabeth.

When Sam first befriends Frankie and her son, she has no idea that he is her brother.

“We really walked the line. My character is looking for someone to be that man in her life. She’s someone who has not had great romantic luck in her life and this is not going to change that, but she finds something much deeper,” said Banks.

Despite that fact, when it comes to her own life she has two movies opening this summer and big demands on her career.

This new mom has her priorities in order.

“Mama. Just that word adds clarity to my day. Everything else competes to be number two on a daily basis,” she said.

“People Like Us” is rated PG-13.

Lisa Petrillo