HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – At times courageous and at times heartbreaking, Hollywood police on Friday released a gripping 911 made by an 11-year-old Hollywood boy who was home alone when burglars broke in to the family’s home on Thursday afternoon.

Luis Gutierrez Jr. was home watching television when his father went out to pick up dinner.

Minutes later the boy heard a loud knock at the front door, followed by a smashing of glass at a back window.

Listen to the entire 911 call

The boy called his father, who told his son to call 911. Both called authorities and on the boy’s 911 call, you can hear the fear in his voice.

911 ‪Operator: What’s all that noise in the background?
‪Boy: I’m trying to hide.
‪911 Operator: Were you moving furniture? Were you moving furniture?
‪Boy: Yeah.

As ‪Luis found a hiding spot near his bed, the 911 operator wasn’t sure Luis was telling the truth.

911 Operator (to another 911 employee): ‪I don’t know if it’s real or not.
Boy: ‪It’s real. It’s real.

‪It was very real, police say. Hollywood Police officers arrived quickly at the house on Johnson Street but the bad guys were still inside the home.

On the 911 call, ‪Luis sounded terrified but composed. And he was able to pass along vital information.

‪Boy: He’s coming.
‪911 Operator: Can you go into your closet and hide in your closet?
‪Boy: It’s two people. It’s two people.
‪911 Operator: It’s two people?
‪Boy: Here they come.

‪But before the bad guys found him, a‪ police officer did — pulling Luis to safety through his bedroom window.

‪Luis’ father — Luis Senior — said the intruders ransacked the house.

‪Police arrested three 17 year olds and investigators say one of the teens had jewelry on him belonging to the boys’ mother. ‪But most importantly — Luis’ dad says — his son’s quick thinking possibly saved his life.

“‪He’s a brave man,” Luis Sr. said. “He did an excellent job.”

Luis Junior is upset the burglars tore up his academic awards. The straight A student can’t figure out why they did it.

“He said, ‘Why, dad, why? Why my awards?” Luis Sr. told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

Luis Senior says his son is doing better but the incident left the boy shaken.

“He’s very scared, nervous,” Luis Sr. said. “He didn’t want to sleep here last night because of the broken windows.”

Luis’ father said he plans to call his son’s school to see if they can give him new copies of his academic awards.

As for the teens arrested — police say they will each be charged with ‪burglary, grand theft and possession of burglary tools.


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