LAUDERHILL (CBS4) – Two police officers in Lauderhill are off the streets and on administrative leave.

Investigative documents uncovered by CBS4 News reveals the officers are at the center of a sexual battery investigation.

A pair of search warrants show that Lauderhill detectives searched the police car of one officer and the cell phones of both officers looking for evidence in the case. According to the documents, one officer is accused of forcing a woman he pulled over into sex acts while another officer was present.

CBS 4 is not naming the Lauderhill Police officers at the center of the investigation because they have not been charged with a crime. However, a police spokesperson confirmed that there are criminal and internal investigations ongoing. Lauderhill Police would not comment on the details contained in the warrants.

The search warrants obtained by CBS4 News detail serious allegations against the officers who were in uniform and on duty during the early morning hours of May 24.

According to the documents, an officer pulled over two intoxicated women leaving the Vegas Cabaret nightclub. Search warrants show that the women told investigators the officer said something about arresting them then told them to follow him. The documents show that the women told investigators they followed the officer to a location behind a “dark business.”

The search warrants indicate that investigators used a tracking device installed on city vehicles to show that two police cars arrived at a location on West Commercial Boulevard.

The documents also indicate that the officers cars were at the location for more than an hour and a half.

One woman said both officers groped her during a pat down. The other woman told police one of the officers requested sex acts “while reminding her she could be arrested.”

The warrants show detectives found “three condoms, two condom wrappers and a pair of women’s orange panties” which were identified by one of the victims.

According to the warrants, both women told police they “did not feel they were free to leave until the officers allowed them to.”

The search warrants also show that one of the officers had a texting conversation with one of the women after the incident.