MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Coming out of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the focus wasn’t on LeBron James, but instead on the player you could arguably describe as Mr. Miami Heat, shooting guard Dwyane Wade.

People questioned Wade’s ability to still play at a high level after an average performance in Game 1. Critics seized on Wade calling him old and some even suggested that Wade is the player who should be traded in the offseason.

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Much of the worry has been about Wade’s left knee, which has had to be drained at least once in the postseason. The man who helped Wade become the player and man he is today admitted his son is a little banged up.

“He is banged up probably,” Dwyane Wade, Sr. said. “He has been through a lot and it started with me back in the backyard. So he’s been getting banged up for a lot of years now. So I can imagine how he’s feeling and like they say, he’s getting older.”

Dwyane Wade’s father sat down with CBS4’s Jawan Strader Thursday to talk about his world famous son, his struggles in the playoffs, and his feelings as a father. Dwyane Wade, Sr. said Junior doesn’t let the critics and even fans discussions get to him.

“By them being tough on him, it doesn’t move him I don’t think,” Wade, Sr. said. “He’s going to do what he does every day; and that’s go out there and play ball and win games. I like it. I like them being tough on him. That’s who he is, a tough guy.”

Wade addressed the age question in a humorous manner Wednesday. Wade was asked how he felt athletically now compared to when he won a championship in 2006.

“I was 24,” Wade said while laughing. “Totally different. Six years ago man. I’m not that athletic, I’ll tell you that, as I was in ’06.”

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This season, Wade has stepped back from the team leadership role somewhat and allowed LeBron James to be the team’s go-to player. Part of is Wade wanting to get LeBron more involved, but part is also that he recognizes he’s older.

Wade vowed to be more aggressive in Game 2 after scoring just 19 points in Game 1. The Heat will need Wade to play at the highest level he has left in him if they want to get past the Oklahoma City Thunder and bring the Larry O’Brien trophy back to Miami.

But win or lose, Dwyane Wade, Sr. is proud of his son and his accomplishments on and off the court, especially as a father.

“If I summed it all up; I’ll say how amazingly proud of him for all of the accomplishments that he’s done in the league and the things he’s done in the world,” Wade, Sr. said. “It’s amazing. I still haven’t grasped it yet, but I’m so proud of him that he’ll never know.”

Wade, Sr. founded the Pro Pops foundation which he founded to help empower men to become better fathers. As Father’s Day is Sunday, Wade, Sr. reflected on the greatest gift his son ever gave him on Father’s Day.

“His time. His time with me,” Wade, Sr. said.

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Despite the calls by some for Wade to be traded, his father said that he believes Dwyane Wade will be a member of the Miami Heat family for life.