MIAMI (CBS4) – From the start, the Narcy Novack murder trial has been a family affair.

In addition to allegedly participating in the July 2009 torture killing her husband Ben Novack Jr., the former Hialeah stripper is also accused of planning the monkey-wrench beating death of Ben’s mother, Bernice, three months earlier.

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“Only a monster can do this kind of evil thing,” Narcy told investigators hours after the killing. She denied having anything to do with them.

But nowhere has the family drama been greater than in the dynamic between Narcy and her daughter, May Abad.

From the outset, Abad publicly stated she believed her mother was responsible for Ben Novack’s murder. And in return, Narcy has made the cornerstone of her defense the accusation that it was Abad who actually killed Ben and then framed her.

CBS4 News obtained a video showing just how bad this mother-daughter relationship was in the days after the murder. Three days after Ben was killed in Rye Brook, New York, Narcy and her daughter flew back to Fort Lauderdale on separate flights.

Narcy arrived at the family’s Fort Lauderdale home around 4 pm.

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May showed up at the guest house a little after six. According to the police report, Narcy had hired a security guard to keep May from getting in the guest house. But May and a friend went in anyway to pick up some of May’s belongings.

The guard then goes to the main house and alerts Narcy that May is on the property. And so Narcy heads to the guest house — but not before arming herself with a crowbar. That’s right — a crowbar.

Narcy, the security guard and Narcy’s niece go down to the guest house to confront May. The security camera inside the guest house picks up Narcy walking in — still carrying the crowbar.

The room she goes into with May however doesn’t have any cameras. An argument ensued and according to the police report, May claimed Narcy attacked her, swinging the crowbar at May’s head — but May said she blocked it with her right arm.

Photos taken by police show a large bruise where May claims she was hit with the crowbar.

A few moments after the alleged assault, May is seen running out of the guest house — clearly agitated. Security guards separate May from Narcy. As May leaves, Narcy and her niece go back into the guest house and begin hauling May’s belongings out.

When detectives questioned her, Narcy denies hitting May with a crowbar. She said she took it only to protect herself.

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Closing arguments in Novack’s murder trial are expected to get underway on Tuesday. And we are likely to have a verdict by the end of the week. That’s when we’ll find out who jurors believed — the mother or the daughter.

Jim DeFede