MIAMI (CBS4) – New information has been released in the kidnapping of a South Florida mother whose baby was found dead in the trunk of a car.

In a 911 call to police the caller is heard naming the suspect.

A Port St. Lucie gas station attendant obtained information from the three adult victims and then passed it along to the dispatcher.

The caller mentions “something about a baby”, not knowing that baby would be found dead the very next day.

“People crying and yelling, yeah,” the caller said as he listened to the victims tell him what happened. “Something about a baby too.”

In the recording, you can hear the caller ask for the suspect’s name. He tells the dispatcher “Janus Saintil”.

Police say Saintil, 24, of Deerfield Beach kidnapped three adults along with his own son, nearly two-month-old Josiah. According to the police report, Saintil was with his girlfriend Claudia Harriot, Marissa Murray, Andrew Pennant and the baby in the parking lot of a North Lauderdale Walmart on Thursday night. While inside a black Kia, Saintil and Harriot got into an argument over their relationship. Saintil, said police, pulled a gun and threatened everyone in the car.

One of the hostages was driving during the ordeal. Marissa Murray said she was taking orders from Saintil. In a June 2nd interview with CBS 4 News, she said she was told to stop at a home in Port Saint Lucie.

“When we got to the first house, he said don’t go anywhere I’m not done with you all and he took the keys from the car and he took the baby in the house and he came back,” Murray said.

After another stop, Saintil forced the group to a nearby gas station where he demanded one of the hostages take out money from an ATM. He refused and the others started begging for help. The gas station attendant said Saintil drove away, leaving the hostages behind.

In one portion of the call, you can hear the confusion over who the suspect is.

911 Caller: “He has a gun too.”
Dispatcher: “Who has a gun? She has a gun?”
911 Caller: “Who has a gun? The driver? The driver has a gun.”
Dispatcher: “Her name, it’s a girl?”
911 Caller: “It’s a girl or a guy? A guy with dreads.”

It wasn’t until the next day that a police officer in Coral Springs spotted Saintil and the car. Inside, the authorities found baby Josiah dead in the trunk. Police say foam was coming from his nose and mouth.

“He said the devil was after his child,” Murray said of Saintil’s alleged actions. “Like the devil wanted his child and I guess he had to sacrifice his child.”

Saintil is being held at the Broward County Jail with no bond on charges of kidnapping and murder.