MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Florida Governor Rick Scott didn’t win a majority of the popular vote when he was elected and his approval ratings have been among the worst in the country. A new poll found Scott’s approval rating once again struggling and that wasn’t even the worst news.

According to the Public Policy Polling poll, which skews Democratic, Scott had an approval rating of just 31 percent. PPP said the rating is even below that of Miami Heat superstar LeBron James who is hated everywhere outside of South Florida.

While the 2014 gubernatorial election is still more than two years away, PPP found that the only declared Democratic candidate, Senate minority leader Nan Rich bests Scott by a 47-35 percent margin. The lead comes in spite of the fact only 14 percent knew Rich by name recognition.

The PPP poll found that Scott receives just 53 percent approval from Republicans and that 17 percent would take their chances with Rich rather than voting for Scott. The PPP poll also reported Scott was struggling with women with just 25 percent approving of him.

The issue that is defining Scott currently is his push to purge the voter rolls of what he calls “non-citizens.” Half of all Floridians surveyed disapproved of Scott’s plan to purge the voter rolls.


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