MIAMI (CBS4) – Why would any sane person become a politician these days?

Your personal life gets put under the microscope.  In some cases, even perfectly normal behavior gets dissected and twisted into something it’s not.  And every personal foible becomes tabloid fodder.

Few cases are as extreme as what’s happening to the presidential frontrunner in Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

One of those U.S.-based websites that encourages adultery put up this billboard in Mexico City showing the candidate with lipstick on his collar.  Next to him it says: “unfaithful to his family, faithful and committed to his country.”

Peña has admitted he was unfaithful to his deceased first wife and the website has turned him into an unwitting poster boy.

He’s now married to a soap opera star.

Here at in the U.S., one candidate can’t seem to convince some people he wasn’t born in this country, despite lots of evidence that he was, and the other keeps having to deal with people raising questions about his faith.  Wasn’t this country founded so people could be free to worship however they wanted?

How are we ever going to get the best and the brightest to serve if these shenanigans continue?


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