MIRAMAR (CBS4) – Miramar Police served another search warrant Thursday at the home of a missing Miramar woman as they try to figure out what led to her disappearance.

Police would not confirm what — if anything — they found in Vilet Torrez’s home. But CBS 4 cameras did see a security employee walking out of the house with a box.

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Vilet’s family and friends confirmed that Vilet had an alarm system in the home but no cameras. Her best friend — Clarissa Garcia — speculated police might have been trying to find out whether Vilet actually made it home in the early morning hours of Saturday March 31.

“Maybe they’re trying to confirm that she in fact did get into the house or that the alarm was on when she got home at that time,” Garcia told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

The search comes just days after Miramar Police released surveillance video showing a woman who police believe is Vilet arriving at her gated community after 5 am that Saturday morning.

However, police say her husband Cid told investigators she never made it home that morning.

Police told us earlier this week that’s been part of the mystery to solve.

“We know that she got very close to her home,” Miramar Police spokesperson Tania Rues said. “However, what happened after that, that’s the question.”

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Vilet Torrez was last seen on Saturday, March 31.

Police say her husband Cid is a person of interest in her disappearance and investigators believe foul play is involved.

His attorney Richard Della Fera was at the home Thursday and said Cid had nothing to do with Vilet’s disappearance.

“Cid’s story has been the same since day one,” Della Fera said.

Earlier this week, police also released the 911 call that Cid’s attorney said Cid made two days after Vilet disappeared.
On the call the caller admits to doing something.

CALLER: “And now Sunday I definitely did it.”
911 OPERATOR: “You did what?”
CALLER: “I mean um it was 1 o’clock and she didn’t show up either.”

Cid’s attorney told us Cid was referring to calling Vilet’s mother. The attorney said it had nothing to do with being involved in the disappearance.

Vilet’s family and friends say the 911 call, the surveillance video and the latest search show that police are making this case a priority.

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“I’m very glad that they’re putting some pressure and trying to get it out there and find out what happened,” Garcia said. “Something happened to Vilet. She just didn’t disappear.”