MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The last thing on most 88 year-old minds is making the decision to go back to school.

However, Howard Hurwitz didn’t let his age become an excuse in going after what his heart desired.

“I woke up one morning and smelled the coffee and said ‘I could live a very long life,” Said Hurwitz

What was it that made this man, who had not been in a school since 1942, feel this way? Simple. It’s the fact that he doesn’t want to depend on anyone but himself.

“I could live a very long life and I said ‘who is going to take care of me’? Not my children,” he explained.

School was something he had not done since 1942.

“They wanted a transcript and how was that?” CBS4’s Marybel Rodriguez asked Hurwitz.

“Well, pretty good. The Jersey Board of Education has a warehouse full and they were able to dig it out,” he said.

The War World I Veteran was accepted to the Atlantic Technical Center in the Billing and Coding Program.

He has also served as an inspiration to his teacher, JoAnn Smith.

“Howard is special in every way. He led 14 students through the program with such poise and inspired them on a daily basis,” said Smith. “You never give up, always learn until the day you die.”

A father of three, grandfather and husband that moved to Coconut Creek from New York 17 years ago shows no intentions of slowing down.

“I am never going to sit down in front of a TV day after day. Not me; I want to be with people,” Hurwitz said.

Just as he loves being around people, people love being around him. This is a big accomplishment to many, but for Hurwitz it’s not the greatest.

“My biggest accomplishments are my children, three daughters. One passed away about three years ago. All of them are well-educated,” he said.

One of his daughters, Esther Hurwitz couldn’t be more proud of her father for reinventing himself.

“He sets the tone for us and is proud of us,” Esther said.

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