MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Ask anyone who has one,  people love their iPads.

“I’m a huge fan,” said one iPad user.

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It all sounds great but that iPad could be doing a number of your bank account.

A survey by IBM found people who shop using a tablet are more than twice as likely to follow through with a purchase than those who shop using smart phones, laptops or PCs.

Steffani Gentile agreed. She admits she’s been buying more online since she got her iPad.

“Good stuff,” insisted Gentile. “Nice shoes, running gear.”

Retail consultant Perry Kramer of Boston said there are a couple of reasons behind this trend.

“The demographics themselves have more disposable income. They also generally have less time to spend shopping.”

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“Parking is easier to do shopping at your house,” laughed Gentile.

All that ease and comfort is another reason a lot of people keep their iPad on their lap while they’re watching TV.  More time online means more shopping and more spending.

“They work well together,” said Gentile. “It’s very cozy just sitting on the couch and you know buying sneakers.”

Expensive sneakers, apparently. A study by Adobe found shoppers who use an iPad spend $123 per purchase compared to laptop and PC users who spend $102 and Smart Phone shoppers who spend just $80.

But that’s where Steffani disagrees.

“I’m shopping more. But I think I’m shopping smarter. I think I’m finding a lot more deals online.

Whether you’re a bargain hunter or an impulse shopper, retailers are paying attention said Kramer. “The tablet is the gold mine for them.”

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And they’ll be looking for new ways to make it even easier for you to spend, spend, spend!

Lisa Petrillo