MIAMI (CBSMiami) – An 11-year-old attending a Miami Marlins game remains in the hospital after an 18 foot fall from a rock wall outside the stadium. It appeared something went terribly wrong with the attraction Saturday afternoon.

So far, doctors have confirmed she has a concussion and is being fitted for back brace. Her parents told us today they are thankful she’s not paralyzed.

The 18-foot-drop was captured on cell phone by the 11-year-old’s father, Jeff Davis. He took his daughter and son to the carnival setup on the west side the stadium. The good times quickly ended when Emily started up the rock climbing the attraction and let go.

In the video you see her fall back and hear her father scream, “Jesus! Help! Help!”

From the video, it appeared the safety harness didn’t catch, or may have broken off. Davis’ camera phone kept rolling for another seven minutes; recording a nightmare in which you hear him assuring his daughter he’s not leaving her side.

Davis recalled the accident Monday afternoon.

“She let go and it was like she wasn’t attached to anything. She just…there was no jerk and then fall. There was no slowdown. It was just straight down onto the back. Her head went straight back onto the pavement,” Davis said.

Paramedics quickly rushed her to Jackson Memorial hospital where she’s been lying flat ever since. As doctors evaluate her injuries, Davis is in disbelief.

“All that was attached to her when she was on the ground was the harness and the rubber sheath, where the cable went I don’t know,” said Davis.

At Monday’s Miami Marlins game things were quite different. The carnival was gone, replaced by simple blow up games.

The Marlins issued a statement saying in part, “The rock climbing wall was closed immediately following the incident Saturday and the matter is being investigated to determine the cause of the accident.”

Davis said his daughter is in good spirits despite not being allowed to move. He, on the other hand, can’t get this out of his head.

“I heard her body hit. I heard her head smack the concrete. It was just the worst thing I had ever seen,” Davis said.

He wonders if someone even checked the ride out before allowing kids to start climbing.

“If the guy running the ride or the person in charge of the rides had given it just a little pull and just pulled on it, this wouldn’t have happened at all. Because she’s a hundred pounds tops,” said Davis.

CBS4 asked if Davis believes the Marlins were at fault for this. He said he didn’t want to comment. However, he did point out if the rock-climbing wall was in his yard he would be held accountable.


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