MIAMI (CBS4) – Justin Bieber scored a perfect 100. Lady Gaga racked up a 94, Kim Kardashian a 91.

No, this was not their high school averages. These numbers are their Klout scores; the newest way to measure people and their influence online. Klout is a San Francisco based company which looks at people’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts to see who is influencing whom.

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“Klout measures the standard of influence. What Klout does is analyze the engagement across social networks to help people understand and benefit from their influence,” said Klout’s Lyn Fox.

“It’s your ranking. It’s like being the popular kid in school” said Nick D’Annunzio of Tara Ink Public Relations. “It’s amazing the way that brands are associating Klout with where you stand in society as they look at your overall Klout score to see if they are going to market you.”

Which could translate into private party invites, hotel room upgrades or free bottles of the hottest brand of scotch. If you’ve got the scores, you’ve got the influence and the clout – or would that be Klout.

Tara Solomon and her partner D’Annunzio run “Tara Ink,” a high profile public relations firm which represents ‘big name’ clients.

On the day CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo visited, the firm was handling the opening part of the all new “Ocean House” residences – South Beach’s newest high end condo.

”Will you in the future and do you now use Klout scores for invites to these events,” asked Petrillo.

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“Klout scores are a great qualifier and I think the more we’re into social media we can use it as a way to discern and invite the right people,” said Solomon.

The hope is that the right people will ‘engage’ which means post to Facebook or Tweet about an event or product therefore influencing others.

Believe it or not, South Floridians Klout scores are higher than average.

“The average Klout score is 20,” according to Fox. “The average in Miami is 36. That’s good. People in their 50s are in the 90th percentile.”

As you would imagine, celebs and politicians have very high Klout scores; President Barack Obama has a 94, Mitt Romney an 84. But ordinary folks can also achieve a high scores, but they’ll have to work on it.

“It’s a full time job,” said D’Annunzio.

“The sky is the limit. The most important thing to do is keep engaging,” said Solomon.

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Lisa Petrillo