OAKLAND PARK (CBS4) – Before it was yanked away, a cell phone video of a Broward County teenage girl being punched to the ground was widely viewed on YouTube and Facebook.

Celina Bennett is the girl seen in video being attacked by a swarm of girls, girls she said she barely knew.

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They all attend the Alternative Life Skills Charter School on Oakland Park Boulevard.

Bennett told CBS4 that it began in the bathroom of the school when a girl confronted her and accused Bennett of trash talking.

“And I look at her and I’m like ‘who are you?’” Bennett says.

The incident was reported to the principal who spoke to both girls.

Bennett said she thought it was resolved but when she left school Wednesday, the girl and several others jumped her.

“The first girl took off on me, hit me in the nose and eye. I was fighting her.  Somebody jumped in and all I could feel is different punches,” said Bennett.  “All I could do was put my hands up over my face.”

Her father arrived and took her to the hospital.

Bennett suffered a black eye, bruises on her neck and body and scratches all over her body.

Through the cell phone video the school was able to identify the girls who attacked Bennett.

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On Thursday, Broward Sheriff investigators arrested three adults identified as Wayneisa Jones,  Keisha Fradin, and Kennyque Lawrence.   A fourth girl, a juvenile, was also arrested.

Bennett’s father Ben who is a retired BSO deputy says when he first saw the Facebook  and YouTube postings of his daughter being hit, he could barely watch it.

“As seasoned law enforcement, when I saw the original and them punch her and she hit the ground, it was all I could see,” said Ben Bennett.

Ben Bennett says he hopes the school will return to hiring School Resource Officers that fell victim to budget cuts.

“You need authority, in a position of School Resource Officers.  These kids had respect.”

Bennett plans to press charges.

But Celina is still mystified what provoked the attack.

“I still don’t know why I was jumped.  They wouldn’t tell anyone why I was jumped so I don’t even know,” said Celina Bennett.

Celina will graduate in a few weeks.

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As for the status of the girls who were arrested, CBS4 tried to talk to the Administrator but she would not comment because of the ongoing criminal investigation.