MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has almost completely closed the gap between him and President Barack Obama when it comes to fundraising for the campaign.

According to numbers released Thursday, the Romney campaign raised $40.1 million in the first month since he became the de facto nominee for the Republican Party. Those numbers are comparable to President Obama’s $43.6 million raised in April.

For Romney, his campaign received a major boost in April thanks to all of the other candidates suspending their campaigns, making him the de facto candidate. In March, Romney raised $12.6 million when he was still fighting for the nomination.

Currently, Romney and the Republican National Committee have $61.4 million in cash on hand. President Obama’s campaign hasn’t released the full cash on hand numbers.

For Obama, his task is to try to revitalize his ground game and once again get the minority and youth vote completely behind him. If Republicans are able to siphon off a good amount of voters in either category, Obama’s re-election campaign is likely to come up short.